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Embroidery is just one of the many methods Quality Sport offers in which you can customize your apparel.

Through the use of our specialized embroidery machines your vision is transformed and designed.

These designs then become digitized computer files that are read by the embroidery machine and then sewn-out onto the desired surface.

With hundreds of silk-thread colour options and the use of our in-house design team your idea can quickly become a reality!



Screen Printing

The versatility and durability offered by the silk-screening method makes it a priceless addition to our manufacturing capabilities.

Cost effective, visually attractive and long lasting, screen printing is a fantastic way to customize apparel.

Our design team work’s exclusively with our customers making sure every detail of your vision is accomplished.




Sublimatuin printing is a digital printing technology using full color artwork that works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates. Also referred to as digital sublimation, the process is commonly used for decorating apparel, Tshirts and other items with sublimation-friendly surfaces.


Tackle Twill


Tackle Twill, or applique, involves sewing down a number or letter made by cutting pieces of one material and applying them to the surface of another material usually with a nylon twill. ... Tackle Twill is the most popular for both professional sports teams and school athletic organizations.